Exterior Painting Portland

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Here at Community Residential Painting we offer an array of different services and one of our most requested is exterior painting in Portland. Exterior Painting in Portland is a speciality service that we are friends because of the over five years of experience we have. You want to be working with a company that is going to do the job right. Please take a look at our list blow that explains why we believe ourselves to be the best exterior painting company in Portland.


Reasons to choose us for exterior painting in Portland.


Experience level: we are one of the highest rated exterior painting contractors in Portland because of our experience. You want to make sure you’re working with a company that has the necessary experience level to do the job right. Since we have over five years of experience in this field we have seen all of the mistakes Portland painting contractors make. We’ve been able to work around that and develop a track record of high-quality work. We strive to satisfy our customers with every Portland painting project we bring on. This is because of the expertise we’ve gathered over the years. So if you’re looking for Portland painters that focus on quality and know what they’re doing call 503-506-4232. 


Licensed and insured: when you’re working with a Portland Painting contractor to do your exterior painting, do you want to be sure that they are licensed and insured. There are far too many Painting companies that are not licensed and insured and that is not so good for you. It’s very important for a painting company in Portland to have a proper contractors license and insurance for a couple reasons. The first reason being when someone has a license. That means they’ve taken all the necessary exams and tests too legally acquire a license, so you know that they are competent and educated. The second reason being that having insurance means you’re safe against any damages that a painting contractor in Portland may cause your home. We are always covered by a standard $2 million general liability policy so you can rest assured that everything is insured. 


We have affordable pricing: we focus on offering fair pricing while still providing highest quality work. Here at Community Residential Painting we are not the cheapest company around, but we’re not the most expensive Painting company in Portland. We like this pricing structure because we understand the quality of service is unmatched, but also know that you’re homeowners that work hard for their money.


State of the art tools and equipment: there’s always something to say about spending the necessary dollars on high-level equipment because it performs better and lasts longer! We have made sure to invest a good amount of money into the highest quality of equipment to ensure efficiency and quality in our work. We have top level sprayers, brushes, and rollers so you can sit back and relax and know you’ve hired a Portland house painter that’ll do the job the right way.


The importance of exterior painting in Portland


Your home is an extension of your own self so you want it to look as best as it can. There’s not a better way to do that than fresh paint that has been professionally applied. A fresh exterior paint job is perfect if you have just moved into a house or the old paint is fading away, chipping, or cracking. Not only will new paint on the exterior of your house freshen the look, It’ll also improve the efficiency of it as well. This will happen because we will have recently caulked all pertinent seams again and Sherwin-Williams exterior paints have special additives mixed in to help fight against UVA and UVB rays. The Sherwin-Williams paint that we use is guaranteed to last many years and keep looking fresh. To add onto that we offer a five-year touchup guarantee on all of our work. That being said, if you’re looking for a painting company in Portland call us at 503-506-4232 and schedule a free estimate. 


Our exterior painting process


We have a very simple exterior painting process that’s quite efficient. Please refer to the list below to see our process for exterior painting in Portland.


Color consulting: first and foremost after you choose us as your preferred Portland painter, the first thing we do is help you choose your color scheme. This is a very simple process where we provide you a Sherwin-Williams color swatch that shows every color they offer. Will take a look at that and then pick four or five different colors that you like to compare against each other. From there we will acquire the paint samples and paint them onto the side of the house. Now you’ll be able to see what they look like and choose the color scheme of up to 3 colors. 


Prep: we have a prepping process that is very simple. It starts with us going around the exterior of your house and caulking/filling all necessary seams and holes with caulk and painters putty. Once that is complete we will go and mask off the first section we are going to spray. We completely cover all other areas that are not getting this color. We switch up the prepping process in the middle of the job to the other areas if you have multiple colors. 


Paint: this part explains itself as since everything is prepped we take the right amount of days and get everything sprayed up.


Cleanup: once we are finished with painting everything we go ahead and clean up all prepping materials such as masking paper, tape, caulking, and plastic.


Touch up: this is our very last step once everything is cleaned up. During this step we go around and spend a couple hours checking over everything in detail a second time over and touch up all the necessary areas. After that the job is complete and you are ready to enjoy your new paint!

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