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Interior Painting Portland

Hello to everyone and welcome to our first blog post. Here at Community Residential Painting not only do we aim to be Portland’s best painting contractor, but also want to be the most informative with our customers in the Portland Metro area. That is why we have this blog. As we will be posting regularly you can always refer back to our blog for questions, tips and tricks for DIY Painting, and general information about interior and exterior painting.

As an intro post we just want you to get familiar with some of the services we offer and learn who we are as a company. So today we are going to be talking about interior painting in Portland.

Interior painting in Portland for residential areas is one of the main services we offer here at CRP. We have seen many jobs many different sizes and have experienced just about every level of difficulty when it comes to interior painting in Portland. In that time we have gained many years of great knowledge and experience which has grown our reputation and know how. When it comes to interior painting there is no better company to hire just off the simple fact that we really know what we’re doing. We make sure to follow every single necessary step of the interior painting process from start to finish so we get the job done right. We understand efficiency is key, but there’s nothing more important than quality work. So even if we have to go over budget or stay extra time to make sure your paint job is done correctly we’ll do it!

Why Refresh Your Interior Paint

We believe it is important to refresh your interior paint job every now and then for a few different reasons. The main one being it’s really going to freshen up the look in your house and make things feel new again. There’s nothing better than a fresh paint job if you’re looking to change the atmosphere a little bit. If you have old faded paint that looks bad or you’re just sick of the color scheme and want a different look, then this service is perfect for you.

Now the next thing of why to refresh your interior is the benefits the new paint is going to have. If you’re a person who has purchased a newly built home say 5 to 10 years ago, you are somebody that this will greatly affect. Usually when a housing developer builds a bunch of new homes they tend to cut corners and use very cheap materials when it comes to the paint. They’ll go with the lowest quality paint grade they can to save on cost. Unfortunately this results in A paint job typically with a very rough sheen, has only one coat, is a boring white for everything, And is only going to last about five years. When you have us come in and do a fresh paint job for you, we are going to use very high-quality paint selections from Sherwin-Williams that are made to last 10 or more years. You also get to choose from a wide variety of very vibrant and awesome colors. These paints are designed to protect against stains, marks, and scuffs as well as well. This is perfect for if you have kids and they are always bumping into walls and things of that nature.

If you’re looking for a new interior paint job and want it professionally done, call us today at 503-506-4232.

Remember to be on the lookout for our next blog post as we will be talking about tips and tricks and how to paint interior for the DIYers out there.

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